As Ethereal Technology deals with all aspects of technology, I thought I might as well share my opinion on some products that I have personally tested. In this case, the product I will be reviewing is the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1250 internal TV tuner card.


The purpose of this card is to allow you to watch and record television on your desktop PC, similar to a set-top Digital Video Recorder (DVR) device that is common among many cable and satellite companies. However, with cable and satellite companies, you are forced to pay a monthly fee to use the DVR, and that isn’t always an option for everybody. Thus, devices like the WinTV-HVR-1250 satisfy the need to those who occasionally watch TV and would like to record some shows.

To begin, the HVR-1250 is a hybrid video recorder, which means that it can receive both the current analog over-the-air television signals as well as the digital streams, which will become the only broadcast signals in the United States after February 2009. According to the packaging, the HVR-1250 can receive high-definition content through the over-the-air digital signals, up to 1080i (that’s 1920×1080) resolution. (As a side point, the HVR-1250 receives clear QAM signals, for those who have that type of setup.)
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